Bircher Incorporated Machine Shop in Eastern NC

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Types of Shafts

Bircher Inc. manufactures other tpes of shafts and shaft type parts.

This includes shafts for industrial purposes such as pump shafts... Splined, pinion, plain, threaded...

pump shaft in milling machine
A new pump shaft being milled in a CNC milling machine.

Tapered or straight shafts, gear shafts, motor shafts...

Shafts can be furnished with keyways, drilled and tapped, heat treated, ground or un-ground.

Shaft Re-Manufacturing

Shafts can be re-manufactured in some situations. Shafts not meeting manufacturer standards cannot be re-worked and must be replaced. Visual as well as magna-flux inspections will determine cracks, wear, and stress problems. Re-manufacturing may involve cleaning, building metal with welds, re-turning, and much straightening. Shafts are inspected for straightness at all bearing points.

A Haas CNC lathe
One of our smaller Haas CNC lathes.

Bircher Inc. offers custom fitted and custom sized propeller retention systems as well as custom coupling retention systems. This includes all types of custom nuts (castle, stop, slotted, pilgrim, fairwater, etc).

Custom propeller caps for fairwater systems: The propeller cap (also called the fairwater cap, dunce cap, or fairwater nut) fits over the end of the propeller shaft and propeller nut (boss nut) and is bolted to the after face of the propeller hub. The cap’s conical shape completes the hydrodynamic contour of the hub and protects the threaded shaft end and the propeller nut from damage by contact with seawater. The cap is filled with preservative to prevent seawater from contacting the ferrous shaft and propeller nut. Propeller caps may be one- or two-piece designs (a one piece design being the fairwater nut). A fairwater will allow the after-wash of the propeller to re-converge smoothly.

Aqualoy shafting is manufactured specifically for propeller shafting.

Aqualoy 22 material is simply the best. It offers superior strength and its corrosion resistance is rated the highest of any boat shafting available. It is the best and only choice for high horsepower applications. Bircher Inc. uses Aqualoy 22 for most boat shaft system manufacturing.

Please inquire with any questions you may have about shaft machine work or boat shaft systems.