Bircher Incorporated Machine Shop in Eastern NC

Signal Cannons by Beafort Naval Armorers

Services We Offer

Bircher Inc. is a full service precision machine shop specializing in research and development products, repairs, modifications, prototypes, and small quantity production.

We have the background and experience to determine the best, fastest, and most cost effective design, modification, production, or repair methods for your specific situation.

  • New boat shafts and couplings
  • Complete shaft straightening services
  • Sheaves re-bushed and oversize bushings
  • Shafts built up and re-machined
  • Jaws and gears rebuilt, restored or remanufactured
  • Complete welding services
  • Propeller hub boring
  • Custom boat hardware & engine parts, all types
  • CNC machining and design assistance
  • Repair and re-building of factory machinery
  • Prototype assembly
  • Research & development
  • Design assistance
  • Drafting & CAD support services
  • Consulting expertise
  • Custom engineering
  • Custom made yacht Signal Cannons

machined shaft coupling

Technology, Versatility &
Diverse Capabilities

Machining... cutting... turning... burning... drilling... milling... boring... forming... straightening... welding... custom fabrication... assembly... and secondary operations... Production of new and modified parts and systems including developmental and prototypes... boat shafts and couplings...

Repairs on factory machinery and construction equipment... broken bolts... stripped threads... re-bushing sheaves, building up and re-machining shafts... restoring gears and jaws... pour and fabricate custom Babbitt bearings for replacements in machinery... We understand the mechanical requirements and the best methods for specific job completions; we can handle every phase, and we "DO IT RIGHT!"

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